Saturday, May 5, 2012

Moral conflict

Moral dilemma

The question is whether we as a society want to live in a meaningful just environment and be able to flourish and be successful with fair wages or would we rather live in a society were only a few individuals hold the wealth while the predominant portion of the population is forced into debt. My rationalization is from the ideas of unrestricted business; however, there must be a code of business ethics established and followed-if this is to be successful. There can be no government interference, but monopolies cannot be established and ethical business must be practiced at a moral level. The worker can no longer be seen as indispensable, but a valuable part of the business structure, with that notion if the business profits and higher-level employees are entitled to inconceivable amount of reward’s and bonuses- the workers should receive a comparable portion, due to their dedication in making such profits possible.

      The intolerable greed, immoral, and unethical practices that frequently occur in government and big business is horribly disgusting. The government of the United States has continually placed the needs of big business- corporate America before, its' citizens-the constituents whom place them in power. Et Tu Brute by one’s own friend- the people whom we instill our voice to enact policies that are detrimental to the majority populist. In my eyes, I see treason upon the individuals whom line their pockets and political campaigns from PAC's or other corporate entities- disenfranchising every American citizen that values their right to vote. The nefarious acts that are conducted behind closed doors can no longer exist the monetary aspect of politics destroys the fundamental aspects of equality. The economic inequality that is created because of the monies that are allocated for influential purposes rather than purposes beneficial towards society as a whole can no longer be corrupt shadow lurking in the corner- it simply can no longer be tolerated with society.

How do we change society from its current disjuncture to a path of new prosperity and equality? Ethics and morality, but first we need to define ethics and morality in a business sense and in terms of government. I will first attempt to define the way I perceive how ethics and business should coincide with one another in an environment. Within an ethical business environment every worker from top to bottom receive the same type of benefit programs from healthcare to stock options -this will eliminate business from denying their workers benefits for their contribution towards the businesses success. Now one may ask, to what degree is a business responsible for it worker? In addition, my answer is for as much time as the worker dedicates to serving your needs. It is a simple idea of reciprocation. The idea that individuals are seen as replaceable components to a money-producing machine is both immoral and unethical; however, ethics is still my focal point. Is it ethical for the corporations who are considered people not to be financially punished and reposed for the crimes they commit- no longer can they be seen as white collar crimes, but forms of economic oppression, which if ensues and is allowed by the government, the people have a right to rebellion. The inequalities between an average American citizen and a corporation, which has the same rights as an individual,  though intact has supersede our fundamental rights and is at an advantage economically and politically. Ethics in government needs to coincide with a one strike you're out rule, meaning if a politician conducts nefarious activities with other political actors or outside influence, he / or she belong in a prison alongside of murderers and rapists because that deceit destroys our ability to vote with coercion from independent agencies -buying influence.

There needs to be a sense of moral obligations to society and to the community that supports your business or product. One may ask why a business has a moral obligation to society. Because without society allowing that business to operate and fuel its' profit margins at least refrain from poisoning the environment in which we coexist. Morality within capitalism and business needs to exist if the luxury of freedom is expected to continue to exist because if morality in terms of business continues on the downward spiral of greed then these United States we live in is a farce. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness has turn into an arbitrary thought and reality has shaped a world based on Darwinism, rather than the moral philosophies of help thy neighbor. The lack or moral consciousness that revolves around the world of politics and business is quite inefficient for the individual citizen due to the inept policies that are created that hinder individuals and the economy. The lack of concern for the citizens of the United States, but rather corporate interests that affects the American system of capitalism - negatively are perpetrated by our legislators. The disestablishment of tariffs and taxes on corporations ability to import/export ; swiftly transferred American infrastructure to third world nations for cheap unjust exploitation of third world citizens. The disappearance of factories gave birth to a new facet of displaced workers due to the reverberation of the abuses by politicians: these policies and legislation had been enacted for the benefit of business, not the populist. The government has acted immorally towards the constituents, whom place them in power to prevent corruption, but never the less power corrupts and the idea of greed takes over the initial motive for equality and justice.

      Now I ask what actions may be taken to protect our economy, in addition to the citizens in which it encompasses and controls. Yes, the idea is the economy can be used as a mechanism of control over a population when times are bleak. This is why certain news stories about billionaires who retire at the age of 38 do not receive negative publicity for the little effort produced to accumulate such casts amount of incomes, rather the opposite is usually the case. Therefore, I believe to create a level playing field within the economy salary caps need to be installed within the corporate machine, and politicians refrain from interacting with lobbyists, because of the notion to serving public- not corporate interests.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Socialism is Not the Answer

Moral and Ethical Reformation 

The one absolute truth I know is that socialism cannot exist because of the motivation and ambition factor that capitalism creates; therefore, a moral and ethical reformation needs to take place. My theory is radical, yet practical in implementing due to the repercussion of the definitive nature in how humans react to drastic change. By creating new social contracts between citizens and government that benefit the nation, as, "we the people" see fit.

The first order that needs to be established is the redistribution of wealth, and I do not mean the "robin hood" effect, I simply mean moral and ethical standards that many professions have-for corporations and politicians. To accomplish the means, extremes must be taken into consideration, to establish a new social code that refutes the idea of profiting, while millions live paycheck to paycheck due to blatant exploitation of the immigrant and working class. Examples of exploitation can heel seen in the migrant worker population, which is modern day slavery and the retail industry who value profit over the well-being of their employee, not allowing many employees to obtain benefits by overstaffing to dilute the fulltime staff. In addition to these outsourcing must be involved influx this category. Companies and corporations who participate in this "Un-American" practice of exploiting third world societies for cheap slave like labor, must be taxed half of their profits and can only establish a 30% markup value to reappropriate the monies lost in the American economy due to corporate greed.

The next reform would have to be in the government and the officials who hold office in order to recreate the government based on the 99%s needs rather those corporations and the disgustingly wealthy. The establishment of a Congress led by intellectuals is needed, rather than politicians whose interests are not for the common American, but rather for their own benefit. The politicians who have abused their power for monetary gain should be considered traitors to the union and have the just sentence so that these acts never are repeated. Once these new moral and ethical standards are put in place democracy and equalitism (eqaulity+capitalism) can flourish. Even though many believe capitalistic forces destroy individuality, it is not capitalism, but the people who use it to exploit the weak and poor- who have made this machine into a monster. The change starts with the taming of the monster; to have it work alongside of everyone rather just for a few individuals. Within the constitution all people have certain inalienable rights; which have been taken away for quite some time now- so I ask who is willing to take them back-because time waits for no man or woman, let us become one force for a new moral and ethical standard in the United States and the world.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


          What can we learn from our past? Is it the mistakes our fellow human beings have made throughout History? Or could it possibly be the lack of empathy we feel for our fellow humans? The 60s and 70s have taught anyone who is familiar with History, numerous things the first being that organized groups can inflicted change. The movement that began change during this period of twenty or so years began in 1954--the Civil Rights movement generated and captivated people of all color, race, and ethnicity because of the absolute truth of Equality.  James Framer, Angela Davis, Roy Wilkins, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, Stokley Carmichael, Eldridge Cleaver, Allard Lowenstein, and Bob Moses; all have one important commonality- their ability to lead others, as well as, empower those of other communities. I intend to focus on two individuals as of right now Lowenstein and Moses, because of the 1963 "freedom". Bob Moses coined the name "freedom summer" because his intentions were to bring educated whites and blacks together in racist and segregated southern cities to educate blacks about their rights under the constitution and how they could change their current situation.  By empowering locals within the community, individuals would take stake within the movement adding their own flare and ideas towards the call for equal rights. In addition to the "freedom summer,"  The idea for the MDFP (Mississippi Democratic Freedom Party) was born. This was an attempt to infiltrate the political machine in order to pass legislation that coincided with Civil rights activists ideals.  These are the types of  ideals that paved the way for the 1964 Civil Rights Bill  or the 1965 Voting Rights Acts. Then in the latter months during 1965 the Civil Rights movement took a drastic turn from a nonviolent protest type towards a more radical violent protest type of movement because of the leadership of the new director of SNCC- Stokley Carmichael.
           My question is how can the social revolutions of today create a hierarchical leadership structure, which is not influenced by outside political forces? In theory creating one social organization that encompasses all current social movements may be the factor that current Organizations need to finally United and strengthen the overall call for Social Change. This main umbrella group, which I have coined " TCSM" The Coalition of Social Movements that would represent each group by electing one member, who then act as a committee. This committee then will determine the best way to protest as a whole spearheading numerous problems with an army of peaceful non violent protesters. The idea of figuratively attacking numerous problem was derived from the CCCO during the Chicago Freedom Movement. Although, the next idea I had was generated from the Free Speech Movement that began in Berkeley, California. The coalition needs to be prevalent on each college campus in the United States and each campus needs their own Mark Rudd. The main determination for leadership within each organization can be inferred by the idea that organizations without leadership are not organizations at all, they are more like rallies of individuals with common ideologies. Organizations need leadership to organize ideas and statements regarding wants, needs, and demands; with these ideas are used with good intentions leaders are developed and movements become revolutions.